Glory Into Legacy Through The Historical African American Church

Any money received for the documentary, Heaven Bound will give a portion to help the homeless and disadvantaged families

Heaven Bound is a nonprofit organization that assists the homeless and people in disadvantaged communities regardless of race, age, religion or political affiliation. Our mission is to be ambassadors to all people in need. Heaven Bound’s aim is to be a beckon of light for those whose lights are flicking out. We are passionate and collectively dedicated to empowering the lives of others one day at a time with food, medical supplies and wheelchairs.

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The Evolution of the African American Church is a history lesson told through the lens of the historical church. The documentary will explore the intense story of how the church impacted each state and how the state impacted the church. The story begins in the 1500s and evolves to the present day. Each historical church is a biblical history lesson of how the church was and always will be the cornerstone of American History. We invite you to take this trek with us through landmarks, museums, parks, gravesites and monuments as we journey through the legacy that is left for us to bear witness to.

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